Knowledge Is The Most Important Instrument Of Power For Human Beings

Therefore, on any issue, public awareness is the key to success

Make The World Informed

Alliance For Public Awareness

It is with this view and belief that we set up the Alliance for Public Awareness. We are not doing it simply as a community of specific minorities but as part of the European community with knowledge and opportunity to make the public aware of issues of importance for peace, security and the promotion of human rights.

About Us

Legal Framework Of Our Activities

Alliance for Public Awareness engages in various activities to provide public awareness on issues relating to human rights and democracy, civil liberties, foreign policy, and other public issues in Europe related to Iran and the region, within the framework of European law and in any given country where we operate.

In Defense Of Freedom And Democracy

In the meetings we held, many freedom-loving people supported our goals. These words and supports are an important part of our path to freedom and democratic values.

With Unity, We Can Make The Future

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