Pete Sessions at the World Summit 2021 on 10 July 2021


Congressman Pete Sessions, Member of the US House of Representatives since January 2021

Hello I’m Congressman Pete Sessions, and I stand today after a great meeting that I had with the Iranian ex pats who stand very strongly with the United States in condemning the violence and the brutality that comes from the Iranians’ regime. The new president is a man who has been a part of brutal thuggery that takes place not only in Iran but around the world. So, I stand with these ex-pats and say keep the solemn vision and viewpoint to support people back in Iran to make sure that they know that America, United States Congress, stands with them.
H. Res. 118 is just one example of our fight to make sure that the world knows, as we isolate Iran for what they are, that they are brutal dictators who will kill their own people for the sake of their own power. So thank you for taking time with me. Let’s never forget the struggle that takes place and stand behind our Iranian friends who will stand against this terrible regime in Tehran.