Sheila Jackson Lee at the World Summit 2021 on 10 July 2021


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Member of the US House of Representative

This conference is so important that in the midst of my duties here in the United States Congress in the 18th congressional district. I thought it was so very important to salute, the 2021 free Iran conference because we want a free Iran and we want the Democracy that is necessary to empower the women children youth and families to say enough is enough, we demand democracy. Thank you, sister Maryam Rajavi. Who is stood with her 10-point plan to lay out the role of that Iran should be playing and protecting Iranian citizen. Thank you for those who stood for Camp Ashraf and all of the camps that were detrimental to the people of Iran. I am excited about the fact that you’re holding this conference. Let me thank the president of the United States, Joe Biden, who understands the value of Human Rights and your fight? You should never give up your fight. The late John Lewis, who came here with me, understand that the people who are dissident standing for democracy should never give up, never give out. And never give in you who are resisting, must never give up. Never give out and never give in. thank you to my sister for the opportunity for the world to see. I was glad to be part of the fight to take you and the organization off of the terrorist list, we made that fight and we were successful, you are a free and Democratic organization who brings about the idea of freedom. I was glad to support HRS 118 to be able to ensure that the world knows the story of the freedom fighters in Iran not violent but fighting for democracy and it is important that our president, President Joe Biden and the vice president Kamala Harris have stood up for human rights. Republicans and Democrats have stood on the record of knowing what an important message you have Mrs. Rajavi. Thank you for leading. Thank you for being unafraid. Thank you for bringing us together. You must stand United because a house divided against itself, just like in the United States will never stand. We are the United States of America standing with those who believe in democracy in Iran. It is so important again to re-emphasize I honored I am to be here at the 2021 conference. I am sorry, I cant be with you, but I am here in spirit and I am here to be able to commemorate celebrate salute, and honor that democracy be spread around the world that free people are able to speak about Freedom that you’re not denied. If you are a dissident, if you want change Iran should understand that the change is non-violently coming, it is coming because of young people are willing to stand up for democracy and their reading and understanding the 10-point plan so let me close and simply say, it is an honor to be able to stand with you. Those who love democracy. I love democracy just a few weeks ago in the United States of America. We announce my legislation that was introduced to create Juneteenth, what is Juneteenth? It is acknowledgement that we had slaves in the United States but that they were free. It is about Freedom emancipation and Liberation. That is what I believe in. So as you do your conference in 2021, I hope that you will speak to the issues of Liberation emancipation and freedom for the people of Iran who want freedom and they want democracy, we will get that because you can never deny a free people their right to democracy. Thank you madam Maryam Rajavi for your leadership and all that you do as a leader of the Free People of Iran. God bless you and a free Iran. And God bless the United States of America.