Remarks by Petre Roman at the Free Iran World Summit 2021 on 12 July 2021


Petre Roman, former Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Romania

Dear Mrs. Rajavi, there, Iranian friends, brave fighters for freedom, I’m very glad to have this opportunity to send a message to you. You are indeed brave fighters for freedom. It’s a novel fight. It’s a fight for freedom of expression, people should be able to express themselves freely, to say exactly what they feel and what they desire. Freedom, also on the economic side, the economic freedom, freedom of the elections, we need always the elections to be completely free and fair and true freedom of the religious faith, not imposed by a theocratic rule. I have met several times Iranian people outside their country and they have great hope. They have the hope that there is a solution for a peaceful and prosperous Iran. And that’s your task. Of course, it is still a difficult moment for you. The newly elected President of Iran is accused of perpetrating crimes against humanity. And of course, that means that the UN investigations have to be pursued with the proper and correct and fair analysis, fair investigations in order to establish without, beyond any doubt, the real facts, the real deeds of the newly elected President of Iran.

And, of course, speaking about the true freedom of religion. I want to remember that when Islam was born, even the Prophet Muhammad never ever instigated his followers against other religions. I remember vividly, when I saw inside the monastery of St. Catherine in the Sinai Peninsula, at the foot of the mountain, there is the firebush, where Moses established his tables. There is a document, a document established by the prophet who took under his protection, that Christian monastery, Christian church, remarkably. I have a very good friend who passed away last year, the former prime minister of Sudan, Sadiq Al-Mahdi. He was also a famous scholar in theological studies, and he wrote a number of books, demonstrating quite clearly that there is no incompatibility between the Islamic faith and democracy. So, in the name of some very profound and deep and true religious feelings, democracy should prevail. And that’s, of course, your magnificent and very difficult, in the meantime, task. I have a very special message from the bottom of my heart for those Iranians who are fighting inside Iran, fighting for freedom there in difficult and sometimes perilous conditions. They deserve our highest esteem. I know what it is to fight from inside, under difficult conditions of oppression.

Yes, it’s time for Iran to be peaceful and prosperous. Yes, it’s time for Iran to abandon the path of, let’s say, aggressive or violent attitude. With respect to its neighbors, no doubt, the sovereignty and the visible state of Iran should be preserved. I’m sure that’s also the faith, that’s also the deepest desire of the Iranians. But in the meantime, we need to be aggressive to perpetrate some actions outside Iran, which they do not deserve neither the peace nor the prosperity of Iran.

Your meeting comes at a very crucial moment. A new president of Iran was elected. There is a lot of analysis. There are many people who do not accept the result. Nevertheless, let me tell them, as someone who started his political career in a revolution, it was a revolution for freedom and democracy. Let me tell them, look to the peaceful and prosperous Iran, not to your political, personal interests. That’s the only way to make the Iranians believe in your political actions. My message is for you, my message is for those fighting for freedom, my message is again and again for a peaceful and prosperous Iran.