Senator Robert Torricelli:‘Free Iran’ rally a historic moment

Senator Robert Torricelli:‘Free Iran’ rally a historic moment

Iranian gathering in Paris, 9 July 2016

Excerpts from remarks by former New Jersey Senator Robert Torricelli
To those who have stood in Camp Liberty, to those who have lost their lives, Iranian children will remember your names for a thousand years. You will deliver a free Iran.

Across Iran tonight, on the internet, on small computers or in handheld radios, the people of Iran by the thousands listen to our words. And here’s what they need to know. The greatest assembly of free Iranians in the world are in this room right now.

One day you will remember you were in this room when a coalition, which begins in America and Canada, stretches across Europe and North Africa, now has a new anchor and a powerful voice: The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has joined our ranks and it will never, never be the same.

And finally, every person in this room needs to stand and applaud and thank the people of Albania for taking a stand for the people of Liberty. Thank you, thank you, Albania. Thank you for standing up…The world will never forget.