Robert G. Joseph: Iranian people eager for freedom

Robert G. Joseph: Iranian people eager for freedom

Excerpts from remarks by Robert G. Joseph, former undersecretary for arms control and international security at the State Department

The intensity that I feel from this massive gathering of freedom fighters is overwhelming, as is your demand for freedom. As Madame Rajavi has pointed out, and others have stated, it’s been a year since the nuclear accord was concluded and the regime of mullahs in Tehran is even more dangerous than before.

Have no doubt that the regime retains its option of having a nuclear weapon at the time of its choosing. It is using billions of dollars to support terrorism … to support the proxy wars in Yemen, in Lebanon, in Iraq and elsewhere. It’s also using that same funding to continue to brutalize the people of Iran and to deny them their freedom. The regime cannot reform, neither from within or from out; it must be overthrown by the people of Iran.

We must pressure the regime from all directions; retain and impose new sanctions for its ballistic missile activities and for its support of terrorism; stop all economic transactions with the IRGC related entities; counter Iran’s presence and its influence in the region economically, diplomatically, and when necessary, militarily; highlight Iran’s abysmal human rights practices. And most important, we must support those who seek to tear down this barbaric regime and in its place establish a democratic, secular and non-nuclear Iran. You, the Iranian Resistance, are the vehicle for this historic change. You are the future of Iran.

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