Phillip Crowley-Paris, June-2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

Phillip Crowley-Paris, June-2014 – The Grand Gathering of Iranians

Phillip Crowley – Assistant Secretary of State from 2009 to 2011

Ambassador Philip Crowley spoke at the gathering of Iranians for democratic change in Iran.

On June 27, a grand gathering of Iranians and supporters of the Iranian Resistance from 69 countries across the globe was held at the Villepinte Exposition in Paris with the participation of 600 political dignitaries, legislators and jurists from a wide spectrum of political tendencies .
Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance and the keynote speaker.

When someone said there’s a hundred thousand people in the audience you don’t really appreciate the size and dimension and power and force of this audience until you stand in this very spot. We stand with you and we salute you for seeking to be a part of the debate that is happening in Iran and to be part of the force that will ultimately change Iran for the better. As we stand here it is an incredibly complex time in the Middle East.

Now some of my colleagues have suggested that change can be a straight line, first this and then that. The process of genuine and lasting change is difficult and takes time. But change is inevitable, it is happening across the region. No country is immune, least of all Iran. We are here to stand with you in supporting change in Iran.

The people of Iran want something better, they deserve something better, a country that is a positive actor in the region and not a pariah. A country that supports human rights rather than subverts them. A country that gives its citizens a real choice in how it will be governed and by whom. We all want that for the people of Iran and we recognize that change comes only with great cost and sacrifice. Clearly we see that not just in Iran but in Iraq and Syria as well, where leaders have placed sectarian interests above their national interest. Now I hope Madame Rajavi is right, that change will come sooner rather than later. But we have to stay resolute. Change is not automatic. Change is not automatic. Change is not self-ordering. But it is inevitable. Because you have something that cannot be taken away, freedom from fear. And that will continue to fuel this opposition all the way to Tehran. Thank you very much.