Iranian communities calling for regime change

Iranian communities calling for regime change

Amineh Qaraee, Paris

Thousands of Iranians marched in Paris on February 8, 2019, 40 years after Iranian uprising against the previous dictatorship in Iran.

The protesters condemned human rights violations, women suppuration, poverty and dire economic situation in Iran and the regime’s terrorism and nuclear programs. They also supported the protests inside Iran.

A group of French politicians and members of the French Parliament as well as other European and Arab dignitaries participated in the rally.

Amongst the speakers was Dr. Alejo Vidal-Quadras, former Vice President of the European Parliament and current President of the international committee In Search of Justice (ISJ) who said to the rally in his speech: “Over the past year we have seen six Iranian diplomates including an Ambassador in office, arrested or expelled from Europe for their role in plotting terrorism on their opponents on European soil. We saw the failed Villepinte bombing plot here in France in July last year; we had the foiled bombing of Persian new year gathering of Iranian opposition in Albania in March last year. These desperate efforts truly shows that the only movement that the Iranian regime takes seriously is this movement under the leadership of Mrs Maryam Rajavi.”

Protesters carried photos of Maryam Rajavi and banners in both Farsi and English that clearly called for regime change in Iran and end to the regime’s terrorist activities and meddling in the Middle East.