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A Century of Struggle for Freedom
Exhibition - Ashraf 3 – 2019
1988 Massacre: Price of MEK’s Quest for Freedom

  No price is too high for freedom and yet no one can imagine the price paid for freedom in Iran,

Alternative to Replace Iranian Regime

The overthrow of the religious dictatorial regime in Iran is not only inevitable and desirable, but a viable and competent democratic alternative

Ashraf and Liberty – An Epic Resistance

Camp Ashraf, established in 1986 was home to members of the PMOI/MEK.

Campaign for Peace

Peace plan-NCRI In the struggle to reclaim freedom an democracy from the Khomeini regime after the June 1981 decimation of all political avenues of dissent by regime violence,

Continuing Struggle in Iran – Uprising

The uprising that started in December 2017 in Iran was a powerful sign of unrest that rattled the religious dictatorship and all its factions.

Cyber Warfare

The Iranian Resistance has actively engaged in the defense of the Iranian people’s right to the free flow of information and access to social networking

Disinformation Campaign against MEK

The primary goals of the mullahs’ regime in Iran in pursuing an extensive disinformation campaign to demonize the opposition PMOI/MEK (MEK)

Founding of PMOI/MEK & Early Years

The increasingly brutal dictatorship of the Shah in 1965 led Mohammad Hanifnejad, a 26-year-old agricultural engineer,

History of Struggle for Freedom

Iranians refer to the early part of the 20th century as the “Age of Awakening” from the bondage of absolute monarchy under the Shahs.

International support

The international community, particularly members of the US Congress, political dignitaries, parliamentarians in Europe,

Iranian Regime’s Terrorism

Since its inception, the Iranian regime has depended on two instruments of power for survival: 1) domestic suppression and 2) export of terrorism.

Resistance against Khomeini

After the overthrow of the Shah, the political vacuum created by his regime with the unjust imprisonment of democratic minded leaders such as Massoud Rajavi,

The Exhibition Hall

The Exhibition venue is hosted at the Zohre Hall situated in Asharf 3, residence of the PMOI/MEK in Albania. 

Turning Point – 20 June 1981

The PMOI/MEK tested the last ounce of freedom on June 20, 1981, by calling on all Iranians to participate in a peaceful protest against the return to dictatorship.

Exhibit 2018 - 40 Years Struggle of the Iranian people

An exhibit depicting the 40 years struggle of the Iranian people and its just resistance in face of the tyrannical regime, highlighting the commitment and contribution of the Iranian resistance to world peace; their moral compass, turning ethics into politics and their dedication to the dawn of freedom in Iran.


Defense of Liberty

Is it possible to prevent spring from coming and the tulips from blossoming? Is it possible to keep a nation enchained forever? Keep a people in shackles for eternity? - No, never!

- Massoud Rajavi, January 24, 1979

Protectors of Human Rights

“We're writing the history of human rights with our blood.”

- Dr. Kazem Rajavi, Nov. 1985

In Pursuit of Justice

“The greatest crime committed during the reign of the Islamic Republic, for which history will condemn us, has been committed by you. Your names will in the future be etched in the annals of history as criminals.”

- Hossein Ali Montazeri, former heir to Khomeini, addressing members of the “Death Commission”

Bastion of Freedom

“Despite previous massacres and false accusations, the PMOI maintains their aspirations for a free and democratic Iran. I believe that these people will make the future of their country.”

- Dr. Alejo Vidal Quadras

Popular Support

“You cannot extinguish the Mojahedin. You may kill us, you may imprison us, but no, Mojahedin can’t be destroyed. History has shown that this ideal is eternal because it is just! If this flag falls from our hands today, undoubtedly another hand will pick it up. So we have the right to be hopeful!”

- Mousa Khiabani

Justice Prevails

“Having carefully considered all the material before us, we have concluded that the decision at the First Stage is properly characterized as perverse. We recognize that a finding of perversity is uncommon. We believe, however, that this Commission is in the (perhaps unusual) position of having before it all of the material that is relevant to this decision.”

- POAC ruling, November 2007

NCRI Peace Diplomacy

“Unhappy am I that I still survive and have drunk the poisoned chalice...”

- Khomeini on accepting the ceasefire

Exposing Iran’s nuclear program

“We all owe a debt of gratitude to the MEK for bringing this information to the world, and causing the United States and the world to focus on the problem.”

- Congressman Brad Sherman (D-CA), House Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing

Curbing Iran’s export of terror

”The ultimate solution for peace and democracy lies in the overthrow of the Iranian regime as the epicenter of fundamentalism and terrorism.”

- Maryam Rajavi, Council of Europe- 26 January 2015

Platform for Free Iran

“A new era will dawn in Iran; a society based on democracy, separation of religion and state, and gender equality will blossom.”

- Maryam Rajavi, “Free Iran” Grand Gathering, 2016

1000 Ashrafs & Centers of Rebellion

“The mantra of 1000 Ashrafs offers both the blueprint for freedom, and the motivating force for the general uprising. It is the heavy hammer that will descend upon the ruling theocracy.”

-Maryam Rajavi, Free Iran Grand Gathering 2016

Women Force for Change

“The oppressed women of today are the victors of tomorrow. Their voice will resonate throughout eternity!”

- Maryam Rajavi, June 21, 1996