The PMOI/MEK tested the last ounce of freedom on June 20, 1981, by calling on all Iranians to participate in a peaceful protest against the return to dictatorship. Khomeini was hell-bent on destroying his one capable opponent and ordered the IRGC to fire on the PMOI/MEK’s peaceful demonstration attended by half a million people in Tehran that included thousands of teenage students. The resulting carnage led to the deaths and summary executions of scores of innocent people on the sidewalks of Tehran on that day and the days to follow.

The watershed events of June 20 went down in infamy and parted the political divide in Iran between Khomeini and his gang of murderers, and the Iranian people and resistance movement. June 20 became a turning point that cemented the fate of the ruling religious dictatorship to end as all dictatorships end, and birthed the Iranian Resistance movement with the PMOI/MEK as its pivotal force. The exhibition displays images of that day and the carnage that started