Conference Held in Italian Parliament: The Need for a Decisive Policy Against Mullahs’ Dictatorship in Iran

Conference Held in Italian Parliament: The Need for a Decisive Policy Against Mullahs’ Dictatorship in Iran

Presided over by former Italian FM Giulio Terzi and with participation of a number of Italian senators and MPs, a conference was held in Italian Parliament on May 22, 2017, during which the participants reviewed the consequences of Iranian regime’s presidential election show and stressed on adopting a decisive policy against the regime for its wave of executions and terrorist interventions in the region.

The participants also rejected the ‘moderation mirage’ under religious fascism ruling Iran, saying that all regime leaders and officials agree on regime’s continued policy of repression, execution, and intervention in regional countries, and that both bands within the regime were involved in the 1988 massacre of 30,000 political prisoners, which is considered a crime against humanity.

Conference speakers, in addition to Giulio Terzi, were as follows:

Lucio Malan, Senator, Secretary of the Italian Senate

Daniele Capezzone, Italian MP

Elisabetta Zamparutti, of ‘Don’t Touch Cain Community’

Dr. Faisal Mahmoud, of ‘Democratic Syrian Community’

In the beginning of the session, former Italian FM Giulio Tertzi said that Iranian regime’s recent presidential election is on one hand an extension of the current situation, but on the other hand it has led to drastic changes in Iran with too negative consequences for the Middle East, and Iranian people in particular.

“It’s negative effect on democracy, human rights, and gender equality was clearly seen”, added Terzi, “physical elimination of opponents, particularly PMOI members, has been systematically going on by the ruling regime, particularly in 1988 in which regime leaders decided in a short time to move ahead with Khomeini’s order to mass execute political prisoners who were not going to compromise on their beliefs with the regime, a tragedy as well as crime against humanity in which Raisi, who was running for regime’s president, was involved. Moreover, some members of Rouhani’s government, including his Justice Minister ‘Pourmohammadi’, were also involved in the crime.”

Former Italian FM emphasized that “the reason I’m pointing to the tragedy 29 years ago is that the same process has been going on under four years of Rouhani’s presidency, with more than 3000 executions during the time.”

The next speaker was Italian MP ‘Daniele Cappezzone’, who emphasized that the Mullahs’ regime have no respect for any kind of freedom for people and that the regime in its entirety is united in repression and killing people, disrupting peace, destabilizing the region, and pursuing its nuclear and missile program.

Lucio Malan, Italian senator and Secretary of the Italian Senate, was the next speaker in the conference. He said “there’s a religious regime in Iran and if you take a look at the regime’s constitution, you could clearly see that the regime’s Supreme leader has the upper hand in all political issues no matter what. So, speaking of election under the Iranian regime will be a fatal mistake.”

Elisabetta Zamparutti of ‘Don’t Touch Cain Community’ was the next speaker of the conference in Italian Parliament. Zamparutti said “speaking of moderate and conservative factions in Iran is a shame. Rouhani and Raisi are two sides of the same coin called ‘vali-e faqih’, since he is the one who calls the shots in all issues. The president in Iran is not elected by people’s vote, but it’s the balance of power within the regime that determines who’s going to be the president. If a real free election is held, the Mullahs will no doubt be the losers.”