We believe knowledge is the most important instrument of power for human beings. Therefore on any issue, public awareness is the key to success. However we also recognise that spreading knowledge and public awareness requires hard work and it is a daunting task.

As Iranian Communities in Europe, we feel a sense of responsibility towards the communities we live in but also towards our families and friends in our homeland, to make the world informed about events in that part of the world. This is not in our view, simply an issue relating to foreign affairs. We are living in the age of communication. The world and everything in it is interconnected. Events in the Middle East have a direct impact on our life in Europe.

It is with this view and belief that we set up the Alliance for Public Awareness. We are not doing it simply as a community of specific minorities but as part of the European community with knowledge and opportunity to make the public aware of issues of importance for peace, security and the promotion of human rights.

Members of our communities are well integrated in different countries where they are residing. They make valuable contributions to where they live. Indeed, we are proud to say that members of our communities form one of the most educated and law abiding parts of society.

We strongly reject fundamentalism and in particular the phenomenon of Islamic fundamentalism and extremism. We believe in individual freedom as guaranteed by law in democratic countries.


Alliance for Public Awareness engages in various activities to provide public awareness on issues relating to human rights and democracy, civil liberties, foreign policy, and other public issues in Europe related to Iran and the region, within the framework of European law and in any given country where we operate. In particular, Alliance for Public Awareness respects and wholly abides by any international sanctions, whether by the UN, the US or EU against any financial transactions, directly or indirectly with any country or entity listed thereunder.


  • Our members are engaged in community work on local issues, more general issues of concern to the country they are residing in as well as issues related to Europe and world affairs.
  • Promotion of tolerance among different cultures and rejecting any kind of fundamentalism and extremism in particular Islamic fundamentalism.
  • Promoting public awareness about the dangers spread by fundamentalism and its consequences for the people of Europe and the world over.
  • Inform the public of the true desire of the people in the Middle Ease and in particular Iran for peace, security, democratic values and good relation with the world community.
  • To inform the public of Iran’s rich and ancient culture and civilization.
  • To achieve these goals we shall organize cultural, educational and other public events.
  • We shall encourage the community to be more engaged with non-governmental organisations (NGO), parliamentarians and the media to promote our objectives and increase public awareness about the true desire of the people of Iran for democratic change.