Remarks by Patrick Kennedy at the Free Iran World Summit 2021 on 10 July 2021


Patrick Kennedy, former Member of the US House of Representatives

Thank you all very much. It’s great to be with you again even if it’s virtually. As you all know, my uncle President Kennedy wrote a famous book called While England slept, documenting the failure of appeasement towards Adolf Hitler in World War II. He fought against the Imperial dictatorship against Hirohito and his brother, my Uncle Joe, was killed in Europe fighting for the freedom of our allies. He fought and died against Nazi Hitler. Electing a mass murderer like Raisi shows that Khomeini and his mullahs have given up any facade of moderation. There’s no excuse anymore for denying the truth. We can’t be in denial about what the Mullahs regime represents. The United States State Department ranks Iran Mullahs as the number one exporter of terrorism in the world, the number one violator of human rights of its own people, the number one executioner, and torturer of its own people, as well as sending its agents to Europe, to United States, Latin America under the pretense of diplomacy to plant bombs in our backyard. Even more, they were also caught red-handed, building a nuclear weapons program after promising the world that they would comply with international treaties.

Thank you, Madame Rajavi. Thank you PMOI, NCRI for exposing these lives of the Mullahs. President Kennedy went to Berlin in his administration to side with the freedom for those who were besieged in Berlin at that time. And as many of you know, his famous words to show his solidarity that Berlin’s fight was all the world’s fight. He said, [foreign speech]. So, I am proud as I have said before at this gathering and others in Farsi to say [I’m an Iranian].