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Iran regime cannot stop the new wave of popular protests which may be even bigger

  • Posted on:  Friday, 09 February 2018 21:47


Comparing the Iran protests with what happened in Poland in the 80s, Jacek Protasiewicz, Polish politician and Member of the European Parliament stated: 

“Iran Uprising” conference, Feb. 9

“Coming from Poland, a country that has experienced 50 years of firstly totalitarian then authoritarian regimes, I want to share with you how deeply I have been moved by the scenes we've seen of mass protests that have happened in Iran just recently. They reminded me of the 80s of the last century in Poland when students were marching and protesting on streets, workers were organizing strikes in the factories, eventually to force the authoritarian regime, the communist regime to introduce political changes which ended up with free and democratic Poland. And I hope it will be the same with Iran.”

“I was a member of that massive movement in Poland at the time and still remember how extremely important for us was that the free world was calling for releasing those who were detained or arrested. That is why this conference is of such importance; our message must be strong and clear; no political prisoners in Iran; all across Europe should voice up: Release the detainees in Iran.”

“Repressions that have happened during the protests and afterwards may delay the success of this uprising, but they cannot stop the new wave of popular protests which may be even bigger. Why? Because people of Iran and particularly women and young people dare to demand basic rights they were deprived of for many years. The protesters equally rejected the religious supreme leader Khamenei and the president Hassan Rouhani. It clearly demonstrates their lack of belief that either of the regime's faction may fulfill their hopes.”

“The opposition should be recognized as a credible partner for all who want to change tough conditions Iranian people are living in. I believe the Iranian opposition and particularly your council, if supported by the democratic community of Europe, may achieve concrete and far-reaching goals. One day, let's hope sooner rather than later, democratic and secular Iran.”

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