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Your cause enjoys widespread support in both Houses of UK Parliament

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 February 2018 23:26
The Media Express

Your cause enjoys widespread support in both Houses of UK Parliament

Brian Binley, former Member of Parliament from UK: Once again it is a privilege to be with you today and to support the brave Iranian people in their quest for freedom and democracy.

I was for many years a member of the UK parliament, and together with many of those from across the political spectrum constantly urged my government to recognize the considerable support the NCRI had within the Iranian population at large.

I worked hard to convince the leaders of my country that the NCRI presented a viable alternative to the medieval theocracy which has over many years disseminated such a terror and destruction both internally and across the wider Middle East. It was a long hard fought battle. 

I was a member of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.

Along with colleagues from other countries we played a major role in defeating the EU and removing the PMOI from its black list. 

It was a persistent battle which demanded the need to constantly argue the case, to highlight the truce day in and day out, and argue that the NCRI was a credible and viable force, well supported by thinking Iranians.

But I never expected to hear the rulers of the regime argue the case themselves.

That is exactly what we have heard over recent weeks

Luckily, my colleagues in the UK Parliament do not need to do the same today as the Iranian regime and its senior officials are admitting to that publicly. To understand why, just consider the wave of statements by Iranian regime’s senior officials during the recent ongoing uprising in Iran, including remarks by the highest authority, the Supreme Leader.

On 9 January, the Supreme Leader Khamenei referred to the main Iranian opposition, the PMOI, and said, “The PMOI since several months been ready since several months ago to organize, and meet this and that person; and to select some people inside the country, find them and help them, so they would come and call on the people. They announced their call, and made the slogan ‘No to high prices!’ Well, this is a slogan that everyone likes. They managed to attract some people with this slogan to pursue their goals, and make the people to follow them.” That is from the supreme leader himself.

A week earlier, the so called moderate President Rouhani called up the French President Emmanuel Macron on the phone and demanded of him to take action against the PMOI in Paris, which he accused of fomenting the recent protests. Another recognition of the importance of the PMOI.

Rouhani was actually demanding demanded that the French authorities stop conferences like the one we have here today, remarkable isn’t it?

Of course President Macron rejected those demands.

And I can tell you from my own experience as a British politician that the Iranian regime constantly made the same demands from the UK government. It began with the bogus, dishonest  labelling of the PMOI as a terrorist group, which was rejected by the Highest Court in UK and continued with a massive propaganda campaign designed to tarnish the PMOI’s and NCRI’s image in the UK and scare British MPs and Peers to support the organized resistance against the mullah's regime. However, they failed because your cause enjoys widespread support in both Houses of UK Parliament. And I am delighted to be a member of that campaign. Isn’t it great that the regime now recognizes the threats of the movement? Who would have thought that over a year ago?

Isn’t it great that we are making such a progress?

So I want to conclude calling on democratic governments throughout the world to not only condemn the violence against the protesters but also demand that the regime release those many thousands Iranians detained during the uprising. I want the UK and the EU abandon the illusion that the mullah’s regime will eventually becoming a moderate regime.

And I want to get on and support the Iranian People and their demands as represented by the PMOI.

One of the major obstacle to securing the human rights in Iran is the illusion that the reformers will emerge from amongst the regime itself. Let me make it clear, it will never happen.

The UK government and the EU should put every pressure on the regime and demand a UN investigation into the ongoing human rights abuses in Iran committed today and in the past and require that these will be  referred to the UN Security.

My God even the mullahs themselves have highlighted the importance of the work that the PMOI do for the Iranian people, they have acknowledged the importance of that work themselves. What are we waiting for? What is the UK waiting for? What is the United Nations waiting for? They are waiting for us to make sure that they take action, and I hope that this conference today plays some parts in that role.


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