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Congratulations to the Iranian people for their magnificent show of determination

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 February 2018 19:40
The Media Express

Paulo Casaca, former Member of European Parliament:

I think our first words have to be of many congratulations to the Iranian people for the magnificent show of determination, of courage, of standing for the values of freedom, democracy and human rights that they have given to the whole world, in face of the most extreme repression, of continuous pseudo suicides of those who have been arrested - thousands of people arrested -  but still the Iranian people are there, and they are showing a light to the whole world in a situation where a lot of people have been becoming skeptical on the values that have been ruling our civilization.

And we owe you all so much. You, Madam President that have been clearly leading this movement, and have shown the way. The slogans do not come by chance, they show who is leading. They show that the Iranian people were able from every corner of the country, regardless of the ethnicity, regardless of the region, every Iranian raised and this was a magnificent show for us all.

And what I would like to say as a former parliamentarian, but now engaged in a humanitarian organization, is that I think we have a lot to do in Europe. That as the honorable member of the Italian senate said just a while ago, there is complicity. There is a clear complicity from European, from those who are speaking on behalf of Europe, and the Iranian regime. This complicity is extreme.

European diplomats have been going all over the region, campaigning for the Iranian regime, campaigning and saying “we have to engage with them, we have to consider the moderates”, all of these things that the Iranian people have shown are fictions, which do not exist. And I think that the way to proceed for all of us, in parliaments and elsewhere to ask the European leaders; what are they doing? Why they are not following what is inscribed in the European Union treaties, the human rights mandates? They are there, they have to follow them? What is their explanation for not following them? We have to do our utmost to stop the situation and to show what I think is the genuine feeling of the European people, and that is solidarity with the brave Iranian people, and in particular with the brave Iranian women that we admire so much.

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