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It‘s not just about Iran, It’s about all of us

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 February 2018 17:03
The Media Express

Rede Martin Patzelt, Member of Paliament from Germany:

we have come together here because in many places in the world much evil happens and people suffer and die. These must not be left alone. We, the representatives of the people who can live in a free world, must recognize and know that our freedom is always threatened because there are places where evil can concentrate, increase and develop.

Last week, Hassan Rouhani, president of the Iranian regime, warned that it was clear that the Iranian government could not repress the uprising: we must now listen to the voice of our country's citizens before it's too late.

When the dictators publicly say, we have to listen to the voice of the people, then a new era has begun. Then they realize that they can not get past it anymore, then they know that they can not go on doing so.
But I say, this regime will not change anyway. These are soothing pills that they want to prescribe to people. They can not change because they do not want to lose power.

Recently, Mrs. Rajavi, spoke at several meetings to the Council of Europe's political groups. Among other things, they said: Europe is the cradle of democracy. I was very happy about these words. But they are not only a recognition, but also a commitment.

If we are indeed the cradle of democracy, then we must help all the children who are in that cradle, who are born out of it, and who are starving for freedom and justice, because they are the elementary foundations of our humanity. We need to think about what this means for Europe. Is it not just about historical achievements that others acknowledge and pride us on, or are about to expect us, I think that the Iranian people, their democratic resistance and also they, Mrs. Rajavi, have a justified expectation from us.
Amnesty International reported that arrested demonstrators were tortured and some tortured to death. These are testimonies that the world can not ignore. 12 young demonstrators have died as a result of torture. It is shameful for me and my country that there has been no condemnation on that, and we, who can enjoy freedom and democracy, can not find words for it.

Iran's policy is not aimed at peace and reconciliation at all. The Iranian mullahs know that when their country and the region develop freedom, their power is under threat. Freedom has an infectious  character. Therefore, they support terrorist groups and believe that they can continue to internaly suppress freedom. Therefore, they have not used the money that has been freed up by the nuclear agreement for the poor people of their country, but rather financed terrorism, infiltration and attacks on people in other countries, on people trying to develop freedom there.

We have to say this in public and we must not stop saying it. We can not put our own interests at the forefront of our economic interests, which are justified. I always say this very emphatically because, as a human rights activist, I am convinced that economic development also depends on freedom.

I myself grew up in a dictatorship and lived most of my life in the dictatorship of East Germany. The dictatorship of East Germany broke down because it did not allow freedom. Freedom and economic development go together, we have to be clear, because economic development needs the spirit of free thinking and free action, and dictators will never allow that, because they want to profit for themselves.

To sum up, Europe must end its policy of silence towards the Iranian regime. Europe must recognize the legitimate demands of the Iranian people for a change.

For us as Democrats, it can only be cause for joy and hope that a democratic alternative will grow and exist in Iran. People who, after suffering experiences, neither shy away from death nor imprisonment in order to stand up for freedom, need a direction, and Madam Rjavi’s  10 - point plan is a goal and if we can agree with this program from the democratic countries, then It means that they can give their people in Iran an orientation for their call for freedom.

And so I'm glad that this has come together and encourages us to raise our voices in parliaments louder. It‘s not just about Iran, It’s about all of us.

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