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There is no doubt that women are the force for change in Iran

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 February 2018 16:52
The Media Express

Senator Valeria Cardinali, Member of Italian Senate :

It is a great honour to be with you today and to stand with you in solidarity with the brave Iranian men and women who are protesting for freedom and democracy.

I want to applaud you President-elect Rajavi because you as a Muslim woman are leading the organised opposition to the theocratic regime in Iran, which is unique for that part of the world. Your courage and great leadership are striking the heart of the misogynist regime ruling Iran and a strong message to all women in your country, whom as you have said are a force for change. Since my first presence in your events, the extent of participation and the important role the women play in your movement has amazed me. While the mullahs have reduced women to second class citizens, you give them hope of a better future and show them that they are fully capable to assume leadership role in the struggle for a free and democratic Iran

And according to reports and news from Iran, it appears that they have received your message, as women are at the forefront of the every protests and are bravely challenging the theocracy’s repressive policies such as the mandatory dress-code. 

The Iranian authorities admit themselves today that at least one third of those 8000 protesters arrested during the recent uprising are women. That alone shows the determination of the women in Iran to not given in to the regime’s repression and their readiness to make the hard sacrifices necessary to bring about the democratic change.

We need an international outrage to the systematic lack of gender equality in Iran and we need the democratic governments to not only recognise but also cooperate with brave woman leaders like you Madame Rajavi to help you bring about the changes that secures a better and more prosperous future for the men and women in Iran.

We must remember that tens of thousands of members of the  Iranian opposition from the PMOI who the regime has executed since the 1979 were women, and they are 50% of Iran’s population and that they are highly educated and determined to end the theocratic regime as the anti-regime protests in Iran show today. The EU and the EU Foreign Policy Chief Mogherini must stand with these brave Iranian women and put pressure on the regime to release all protesters and political prisoners

There should not be any doubt that women are the force for change in Iran and the history has shown that they will be successful in their struggle. The International community, especially the EU, need to work with the Iranian Resistance to make sure, that day comes sooner rather than later. Thank you.

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