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Europe must recognize the will of the Iranian people for democratic change

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 February 2018 16:12
The Media Express

Jonna Mucha, Polish MP and former minister:

First I must say that I am participating for the first time in a the meeting about the situation in Iran, so thank you for inviting me here and I must say that I am really touched by what I saw her on the film.  And I still have in my mind our struggle for freedom in Poland, and I am really crossing my fingers to have freedom in your country.

One cannot live without freedom, when the cries of democracy are raised in dictatorship. It is promising, in particular the widespread presence of women in the uprising in Iran, it is encouraging.

I want to highlight two points, one is the equality of the women and men which is included in your Ten Point Plan Madam Rajavi. In order to achieve this goal I wish you success, because it means securing and sustaining democracy.

It seems to me very important that you stressed in Strasbourg at the parliamentary group meeting of the European People Party that as a Moslem you are protecting the freedom of choice for clothing and calling for immediate lifting of compulsory Hijab.

The second point is that we faced a lot of challenges in the Arab Spring and I think our goal should be a democratic end to the uprising of the Iranian people, therefore precisely now the maximum support and assistance must be provided for the democratic opposition of the Iranian people, in order to bring the development as much as possible in the right direction.

I am absolutely sure about it that Europe must recognize the will of the Iranian people for democratic change in Iran, and express solidarity with the Iranian people and I really hope that Iran will be free soon.

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