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We are part of the Iranian Resistance

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 February 2018 11:53
The Media Express

Sergio D'Elia, founding member of ‘Hand Off Cain’: Madam President, colleagues and friends of the Iranian Resistance,
We have known each other for over fifteen years now, so I can say that I do not just consider myself an invited guest at these meetings; I feel part of a family instead. For me you are brothers and sisters, as if part of the same family. But I believe those of us who are here today and are not members of the Iranian resistance must ask ourselves -- each of us must ask -- who we are and what we do. I believe that each of us embodies a hope, represents and inspires confidence and instils courage towards those who struggle in Iran, the defenders of justice and freedom.

Because if we embody hope for them, if we promote their courage and inspire them, I believe we are helping them in their struggle for liberation, because there is a very close link between what we defenders of justice and freedom do in Europe and what our counterparts do in the Iranian Resistance.

I am convinced that there is this a close link between what we are doing and have done in recent decades and what is happening in Iran. There was recent confirmation of this that I would say was unexpected, indisputable, and authoritative. It was unexpected because we did not think it would happen that the Iranian regime itself would say, "What happens here happens because it is inspired, guided, organized by the PMOI".

This in itself is an act of recognition. First they considered you and considered us terrorists; now they recognize us as the inspirers, and as the organizers of the struggle of the Iranian people. I want to be very clear on this: it's easy to say, "I stand on the side of the Iranian people". It often happens that those who dare not declare themselves against the Islamic Republic, against the mullahs' regime still satisfy their consciences by saying, "I stand on the side of the Iranian people". We must instead say, "I am on the side of the Iranian resistance; I am on the side of the National Council of Resistance of Iran".

We are on the side of the Iranian Resistance, I could say even more, we are part of the Iranian Resistance.

Mrs Rajavi, you have an extraordinary task, and we hope to alleviate this burden of your responsibility with our help, by being part of the Iranian Resistance. Your ten point plan is a vision of the new Iran that we all desire, which we all want: it is a vision: look at the real reformers, those who change existing things, existing reality in the world in which they live. They are visionaries; they are not the realists, the so-called pragmatists, it is not realpolitik that changes things.

Those who make the changes happen are the ones who have a vision of the possibilities. And having this vision, thinking of it consistently, feeling it and consequently acting coherently with that vision, those people create reality. They are the true realists, and visionaries. Your strength derives from having vision and working towards turning it into reality. This is the strength of all those who really want to bring about change.

Today I make a commitment. I am part of the organization against the death penalty "Hands off Cain" but I also have responsibilities in the Transnational Radical Party. We are in the process of recruiting MPs -- here there are some who are also members of the Radical Party. We have  an enrolment campaign for this year: my commitment is that every member of the Radical Party be engaged with you in the Iranian Resistance, This  is a way to make up for the shame of our governments, both in Italy and in Europe, who are an accomplices of the Iranian regime. If parliamentarians, as the representatives of the people, are part of the Iranian Resistance I believe that we will give strength and we can consider ourselves not trivially on the side of the Iranian people. The only way to truly be on their side is to be part of the Iranian Resistance.

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