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The Iranian regime is in panic because they fear you and your movement

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 February 2018 11:44
The Media Express

Romeo Nicoara, Romanian Member of Parliament: I am honored to be here today with you in this meeting and please allow me to say that in my opinion. We are going through some historical moments.

Why I am saying this?

Because, just by looking at these images from Tehran and other cities around Iran, for me it is very difficult not to think about what happened in Romania almost three decades ago, because at that time we were in the moments of regime change.

These images reminded me of 1989, when countries from Eastern Europe, changed their regime to a democratic regime in peaceful ways, what we saw now was exactly the same thing and people were out in the streets, protesting against the regime, and the security forces were trying to stop them but they did not succeed and as you know since them we have democracy.

The sign of panic which the regime is showing and transmitting to us, was very clear or me in January after your visit to the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.

The hearing in European People Party (EPP) which is led by my colleague from the Romanian parliament Mr. Preda, when he and other colleagues from the delegation were going back to Romania he was approached by the representative of the regime’s embassy in Bucharest who were trying to convince them that it was a wrong thing to support you, this is a sign of panic by the regime.

They are in panic because they fear you and your movement.

In conclusion I would like to say that this is a very timely meeting, and it is very good that we are trying to open the eyes of our colleagues in national parliaments and also trying to open the minds of our governments, because it is very important to convince our governments to stand by this movement, as those who spoke before said; the European governments are very silent on this so it is good to put some pressure on them.

One thing which accrued in my mind when reading the articles about the uprising in Iran, it was the same in Romania in 1989 when the military forces were changing side as it happened in Iran when security forces were tearing their cards and joining the protesters, this for me was a sign that the regime is very shaky and it is a clear sign that their reign is coming to an end and it is the beginning of democracy.

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