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EU and the UN must act to end the culture of impunity in Iran

  • Posted on:  Sunday, 11 February 2018 15:23
The Media Express

Gerry Horkan Member of the Irish Parliament:

In recent months, the world has seen people across Iran protesting against the regime and its destructive policies not only in Iran but also in the Middle East. Despite the regime’s heavy-handed crackdown and mass arrests the protests are continuing and spreading to more cities.

This signals the determination of the people to bring about the necessary changes required in Iran.

Since the so-called moderate president Hassan Rouhani took office, there are no signs that he is neither willing nor capable to make good of the promises he made to the Iranian people during the sham presidential elections, thus, demonstrating that both factions of the regime, so called reformers and hard-liners, are united in the repression and guaranteeing the theocracy’s survival.

But even worst, the regime has robbed the Iranian people of their hope and believe in a better future. But, you and your movement Madam Rajavi, have kept their hopes alive. Through your persistence and belief in the democratic values and principles, you have acted as a beacon of hope for the millions of Iranians who are on the streets today demanding a better future and for those who are in prisons.

You Madam Rajavi, have shown the repressed people of Iran that they can challenge the theocracy if they stand united and make the principled sacrifices that are required by every nation to secure its freedom and democracy. And, as other countries have outlined and I am sure United Kingdom colleagues’ wouldn’t mind we years of struggle in Ireland culminating in 1922 and our ultimate freedom as republic ourselves, and many countries across the Europe and across the world have gained their freedom and I am sure very soon Iran will be free of the regime that is there now.

It is clear that the Iranian regime cannot turn the clock to the past and it is evident that the regime is incapable of addressing the systematic corruption and embezzlement that have crippled Iran’s economy.

If the regime wants to address people’s legitimate concerns, it must end financing terrorism abroad and rein in its destructive paramilitary force, the IRGC, both militarily and financially, which the regime will never do. The evidence is the recent money increase for IRGC in Rouhani’s budget for the coming Iranian New Year and the senior officials’ statement about Tehran’s continued support for the murderous Assad regime in Syria and terrorist proxy Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Your movement, the PMOI and NCRI, are helping people of Iran organize their protests against the theocracy, which the regime is now acknowledging by public statements from IRGC commanders and even the Supreme Leader. The International community, particularly the EU, must take note of this and reverse their appeasement policy toward the current regime in Iran. The EU and its member states must demand the release of all protesters arrested since the beginning of the uprising in December last year. Furthermore, the EU and its member states should support the democratic aspirations of your people by making any trade relations and business deals contingent upon immediate halt to the vicious crackdown on peaceful protesters and an end to torture and executions.

Finally, I believe that EU and the UN must act to end the culture of impunity in Iran, which they can do by identifying the perpetrators and naming and shaming them by imposing punitive measures and demand they face justice in an internationally recognized accountability process. I support you and your endeavors to bring democracy and freedom to Iran and I hope that we soon be joined by European governments because a free and democratic Iran, not just benefits Iran, but also benefits our future interests and peace in the world.


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