“Accompany the Iranian resistance on the road to freedom”, Jean-François Legaret

“Accompany the Iranian resistance on the road to freedom”, Jean-François Legaret

It hosts in its mayor’s office in Paris an exhibition for two years, in August, to commemorate 30,000 souls mowed and stolen by the mullahs during the massacre of political prisoners in the summer of 1988 in Iran.
Jean-François Legaret, a loyal supporter of human rights in Iran and the Iranian Resistance, made an ardent speech on 3 August in his town hall during a conference on this very painful theme that will be thirty years old this year. This conference was part of an exhibition that lasts until August 11th. He was speaking alongside other personalities who also came to pay tribute to these young resisters executed.
” Thirty years. Normally, when it comes to mourning, whatever its gravity and the emotion it arouses, the more time passes and the more forgetfulness and erasure progress. Paradoxically, with regard to the massacres of 1988 (in Iran) the opposite occurs. The more time passes and the more the wound is revived. The more the emotion revives. More testimonials appear. This is already a big paradox.


This paradox has an explanation: it is denial, misinformation.

Because according to the Iranian regime and according to alas the passivity of the international press, including the French press, this massacre has existed? Is the number of victims known? Does evidence remain? Do we have the names and faces of these victims? That’s the offense! Including besides the testimony and the late remorse of Montazeri. All this must be punished. All this must disappear. The mass graves, we must make them disappear. The evidence, the photos of these victims, we must make them disappear. They never existed.

Well, by the will of some, and I really pay homage to the spirit, to the ardor of the Iranian Resistance, this exhibition is held here again at the 1st arrondissement town hall, as it was held also at the town hall of the 2nd district.

New testimonials

I see that this exhibition has improved from year to year. It has completed. Miraculously, by the will of the resisters and thanks to the extraordinary testimonies of the families of the victims, we have evidence, testimonies, photos of these faces that should have completely disappeared. So that’s a great job of research. It’s a network that came into being, knowing that it was going to be used for something.
I am very proud that this town hall is in a way a relay point that allows to make a place of testimony. Alas, it’s terrible, it’s true, it’s moving and at the same time it’s a victory to be able to present today the list of these names, to present these sometimes terrible pictures. But these are real photos, real testimonials that give reality, that reinforce the credibility, that reinforce the emotion and that the denial that was until now the rule, is no longer possible.

The recognition of this massacre as a crime against humanity is an imprescriptible crime. That is why this testimony must go from year to year, not only not to fade but to strengthen.

I give an appointment so that every birthday, in this summer period, almost to the day, these massacres are commemorated. And that on the occasion of these commemorations, we can collect new evidence, new testimonies, until we can definitively crush this denial of state, this unbearable act of disinformation.

The same state of mind
Forgive me, even if the subject does not support comparison, but it is the same regime, it is the same spirit of resistance, the nuclear agreement is the same thing. It’s the same denial, it’s the same lie. Unfortunately, many states around the world are being abused. It is the press that is abused. There is no proof, there are no images, Iran does not manufacture nuclear weapons since we are unable to demonstrate it.

Well it’s the same reaction, it’s the same will to silence the truth that for the 1988 massacre.

The uprising in Iran

That’s why this fight is a fight today. It is a fight in which we must mobilize, in which it is absolutely necessary that all the good wills, all the men and women who are in love with freedom fight around us, with the mayors, so that we can gather all our efforts to bring out the truth. This is all the more important as the Iranian regime is experiencing difficulties today. We have been told for a long time of jolts, localized local acts, riots very quickly put in order. We were even in mass-circulation magazines in France, showed images of freedom, youth in Tehran who lived a real revolution of manners, culture and everything was fine, we were in a regime ” moderate” as we have often said. Well no, the reality is very different.

This regime, which is a barbarous regime, which has behaved in an absolutely unspeakable manner, has committed imprescriptible murders, must indeed fall. And that’s the work of the resistance that must go to completion.

So let’s make this testimony a stone again that we put on a building that is being built but which is starting to gain height, because it is this state of mind that drives us and is listen to what is happening in Iran. This magnificent country, this immense civilization, this very great history, this courageous, inventive and intelligent people who have lived through dramas that continue today.

Accompany the Iranian resistance on the path of freedom to victory!