Former New York Mayor vowed regime change will happen soon

Former New York Mayor vowed regime change will happen soon

Convention for Democracy and Human Rights on Saturday, held on May 5, was attended by Rudy Giuliani who explained to the crowd that wanting freedom for the people of Iran was not a partisan issue.

He said: “I hope and I pray that it happens because freedom for any oppressed people helps all of us… there’s nothing that’s more important than bringing freedom and liberating good people like the people of Iran.”

Giuliani reminded the convention of the huge protests that were seen in Iran in December of last year. They began because of economic worries in Mashad, but soon they spread across 142 cities and became an overall anti-regime uprising.

He credited Donald Trump and the rest of the administration for standing strong with the protesters, publicly supporting their fight for freedom, and warning the Regime against a crackdown. This he compared to Ronald Reagan’s support for the Solidarity Movement behind the Iron Curtain that brought the Soviet Union down.

Giuliani said: “We got a president who’s tough, a president who doesn’t listen to the people who are naysayers and a president that is as committed to regime change as we are.”

He then noted that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and the national security adviser John Bolton, now in the cabinet, Trump seems more likely to pull out of the nuclear deal and increase sanctions on the Regime.

The lifting of sanctions has not, as promised, helped the Iranian people, but instead allowed the Iranian Regime to bolster its military and support terrorist cells. Increased sanctions would declaw the Regime and make them more susceptible to protests by the people.

“The only people getting wealthy in Iran are the mullahs and Rouhani and Khamenei and all the people who cooperate with them. Everybody else is poor now. People who used to be middle-class and wealthy are now poor. And you think they’re going to take that from much longer?.. So my guess is this is gonna happen faster than people think,” said Giuliani.

Then Giuliani spoke about the clear alternative to the Regime; the Iranian Resistance. Too often in countries where the regimes are corrupt, there is no alternative government and the revolution fails.

Here, we have the National Council of Resistance of Iran (a coalition of pro-democracy groups) and its President Maryam Rajavi, who serve as the government in exile.

They even have a ten-point-plan for a Free Iran, which includes commitments to a non-nuclear Iran, the rule of law, democracy and free and fair elections, and the rights of women.

Giuliani made clear that this is an Iran worth fighting for and an Iran that he is willing to fight for.