It’s time for freedom in Iran

It’s time for freedom in Iran

Dana Rhrabacher Member of US Congress: For those who have visited the United States Congress and looked out on the floor of Congress, you will note that there are only two paintings on the wall facing us as we make law and policy. One is of George Washington, of course, the father of our country. Who’s the other? Lafayette. A large picture of Lafayette. Because even today, we Americans, recognize and are grateful for the role that France played in the winning of our freedom and liberty in the United States. We have them a debt to pay and that debt can be paid with our support for those people who are likewise struggling for their freedom and liberty and far-off reaches of the world. And that’s what this meeting and that’s what the United States is all about.

OK, I’ll try to keep this down to my time limit here, but there is a strong relationship of course. This isn’t just about freedom. Although freedom is the number-one value. But there is a strong relationship that we all know between peace, prosperity and freedom. Without freedom, prosperity is usually destroyed because without freedom there is corruption. Without freedom there is adventurism and especially military adventurism that eats up the wealth of the people. And so, without freedom you have corruption and you have no peace, so we have no prosperity. And you have no peace.

The last uprising that took place in Iran in 2009, our president, President Obama went exactly the wrong direction. Our president was inconsistent in his silence toward the repression of those people in the streets of Tehran.  He was inconsistent with the tradition of our country and contrary to our interests. Today, we have a new president of the United States. And I will tell you, in the uprising that has just happened in the last few months, we are on the side of the people and against the mullah regime. And the mullah regime is not just of course repressing their people which we are hearing about today, but they have destroyed the prosperity and well-being of their people. We know that, because when you have no freedom, you have corruption and you have adventurism overseas. They are wasting the limited resources of their people on spreading a fanatic view of Islam throughout the world and especially throughout the region. A waste of resources making things worse, better than better, but also they have brought in a clique of corrupt officials who are destroying the economic well-being of the Iranian people.

Yes, without freedom, that clique has now conducted themselves in a way that every Iranian understands that their wealth has been taken, has been stolen from them. That is what triggered this current uprising, when there was a level of corruption in which people lost their life savings. Well, we have to let people know that what’s enough is enough. The mullah regime has got to go and this time the people of the United States will unequivocally go on supporting the people and reforms. We will no longer, unlike the last government in the United States, seek to have some kind of a showcase in which we’ll just, you know, basically not recognize the evil nature of the people that we’re dealing with. Now, today, I can say to you, that we the people the United States will be siding in the future and now with those people who are demonstrating and those people who are seeking to have legitimate democracy, rather than just saying that the government is out to obtain some religious objectives. The only legitimate religious objectives of a government is to protect the freedom of people, to accept their own religious views, and to be able to conduct their own religious lives, without interference from the government.

We do not need mullahs or any other religious dictators telling the people in this world how to worship God. Today we stand in solidarity with all people everywhere who believe that mankind has a chance to uplift the condition of humankind and we aren’t going to do it by wasting our money on a military adventurism. We are not going to do it through some type of religious fanaticism, we are going to do it because we will respect the freedom and liberties of our fellow man. And we will side with those people as the French did when we fought for our freedom. And we will side, the free people of the world, will stand in unity. It’s time for the rulers to go back to the mosque, it’s time for freedom in Iran.