Iranian regime is first at war with its own people

Iranian regime is first at war with its own people

Sid Ahmad Gozali Former Algerian Prime Minister:

Ladies and Gentlemen, my dear friends, my Iranian sisters and brothers, once again I have the privilege to find myself among the many friends of the Iranian resistance, the lovers of law, justice and peace.

For years, in my case for 15 years, I can testify that you have grown more and more

All political views blended, parliamentarians, congressional representatives, jurists, intellectuals, now your supporters’ numbers reach thousands, even if you only count those elected by the people of the 28 states of the European Union and the United States of America.   You have put yourselves – with strong engagement – behind a just cause, that of the Iranian Resistance and the cause of the Iranian people.

You have never tired; you have never tired of alerting international public opinion, the opinion of governments, to the justice of the Iranian people’s cause.   Just now, Yves Bonnet quoted me – he is absent but I can assure you we did not conspire together, he has been kind to me – but in fact, it is true that he said that it was under my government, in 1991-92, that Algeria broke off diplomatic relations with the Iranian regime.

He did not say why because he did not have time.   We broke with a regime that we had supported ever since the fall of the Shah.   We, the Arabs, had been on the most brotherly terms with Iran.   However, the Iranian regime backed terrorism in our country, politically, financially, militarily, and materially.   Moreover, it was not in order to flatter me that Yves Bonnet quoted me.  He has put his finger on the true Iranian problem, which unfortunately not known to everyone.   These sums up the Iranian problem:  it is a case of a regime, a theological dictatorship, a religious dictatorship, whose only aim is to dominate the whole sphere.

I mean what I say:  to dominate the whole Arab-Muslim sphere.   It is the vision common to all dictatorships of the world of politics. All dictatorships are like that.   In order to crush their people wholly, they expand outwards.  I was present in person at a declaration by the Shah of Iran to his Arab colleagues and OPEC who had gathered in Algiers; wait for it, in March 1975. He made a declaration in front of his peers, I was three metres from him when he described what he was doing in his country and his conclusion was, « That’s how Iran will be in 1980, the fourth, perhaps even the third, greatest industrial and military power in the world ».

So it can’t be seen, because an even crueller dictatorship has now replaced the Shah’s, a dictatorship all the more cruel because it is religious, but which has the same tendencies, the same reflexes, to wholly crush and dominate its people with whom it is at war.

This regime is first at war with its own people. That’s what we need to get into our heads and we are all, in my case, we Mediterranean Arab Muslims, we Europeans, directly concerned in the consequences of this Iranian strategy which consists in wanting to dominate.

Dominate! How? It is in their constitution. Dominating other countries is normal; they want to influence world decisions.   Some through the force of arms and others through the strength of their economy, and some through cultural enlightenment.  The mullahs only know one method:  it is through increasing their power to cause trouble and through destabilisation. It is in their constitution that the regime wants to export the Iranian revolution throughout the Arab-Muslim world.   It is necessary to be aware of that, because otherwise you do not understand anything about the Iranian situation.   You need only to look at the recent developments, going on for years, in Iraq.  In Iraq, unfortunately, policy, and here I agree with Congressman Poe that it was a mistake on the part of the American legislature, resulted in making the Iranian regime a present of Iraq.   It was a mistake on the part of the Clinton administration, and even on the part of the European nations as a whole, who on their own admission, thinking to appease the Iranian regime, inscribed the first victims of terrorism, that is Iranian Resistance, on the list of terrorist organisations. Let us not forget that to withdraw the PMOI from the list of terrorist organisation it required a gigantic amount of work on the part of international jurists, not to mention the members of the Iranian Resistance, so that the UK courts, European courts, the French courts and the American courts – finally put an end to this inscription. Iran’s Western partners know very well, what the Iranians have been demanding for twenty years.   In their negotiations, they ask for one thing only, which is to liquidate this organisation.   Ali Khamenei, following the demonstrations that have mobilised hundreds of thousands of Iranians in the 142 towns and cities of Iran, has said that the PMOI is behind it all.  Isn’t this an admission that the PMOI is not an organisation, which is foreign to the Iranian people with no roots among the Iranian people? It is the opposite. It is the PMOI, contrary to perceived opinion; it was PMOI, which in the Shah’s time was the essential factor that led to the Shah’s downfall.

Khomeini was not the one who made the Shah fall, it was, the spiritual successors of Mossadegh who later founded the PMOI, who were responsible.  Unfortunately, while they were the first to cause the Shah‘s fall, they were also the first to denounce the installation, the foundation of the Islamic regime, otherwise Islamic revolution, otherwise Islamic Republic, and it cost them dearly. Moreover, it has not stopped costing them dearly.

Since the foundation of the Islamic Republic, it has hanged, executed and tortured 120,000 Iranian opposition members and supporters.  I am not even mentioning the ’88 massacre during which, following a simple fatwa by Khomeini 30,000, or more, political prisoners, already condemned by Iranian law were massacred in a matter of few months.  It is clear, things like that, without being denounced investigated cannot just be allowed to happen.   For the first time in its history, the UN has addressed this question, and we must all work and I’m sure that’s the aim of the lovers of justice, that the perpetrators of the ’88 massacre, many of whom are still alive, must appear before international tribunals.

Therefore, my dear friends, ladies and gentlemen, we must congratulate ourselves on this turn of events that shows that on an internal level a spiral has begun to unwind that is clearly irreversible. This is the beginning of the end of a regime that could not go on forever imposing itself on the region.   Secondly, it is the beginning of an awareness in the Muslim world, the Arab Muslim world, what is happening now is no accident, if behind Yemen there is Iran.   I am not speaking of Iraq where the first terrorist cell was created by the mullahs’ regime after the invasion of 2003, with the aim of driving the Americans out of Iraq.   Moreover, the mullahs were behind the beginning of the first Daesh cell. In Syria, the mullahs have not just been in Syria since 2011, they were there long before.   It began with Hezbollah.   Hezbollah is an Iranian product. We have heard the official declarations, notably those of the Revolutionary Guards, shamelessly declaring that Iran comprises 32, 33 and 34 Provinces, knowing that in Iran, there are 31 provinces, and it has declared that Syria is Province number 35.

The massacres that have been happening in Syria since 2011 and that never stop being appalling – seeing what is happening now in Eastern Ghouta, how can the international community stand with its arms folded in the face of these massacres of innocent civilians?  How can one hope for a solution to the Syrian problem when the Iranian army is there, at the side of the Syrian regime, to annihilate any trace of resistance on the part of the Syrian national forces.   Therefore, if there has been a very important turn of events, we must congratulate ourselves on the direction that the new American administration is taking.   That is to say, speaking in firm language, the solution that has been given, and advocated for a long time, in the speeches of the Iranian Resistance, especially in those of Maryam Rajavi. It is based on the following premises:  there can be no peace in Iraq, there can be no peace in Syria, there can be no stability in the Middle East, there can be no peace in Yemen, and there can be no democracy or modernisation of institutions in either Iraq or Syria, while this regime remains in place.   Because one can negotiate with responsible and democratic governments.  One cannot negotiate with dictatorial regimes, because there is no way they will ever fulfill their engagements.

So, and there the congressional representative who spoke before me told the truth, there is no solution except the fall of the mullahs’ regime. As Madame Rajavi said, this fall will not be through war, because war can only help the regime, and it is not through negotiation.   It will be through the people.   Only the people can do it. it’s in those conditions that we must all work and the Westerners must be aware of it.   It is not a matter of sending brigades to liberate Iran.   It must be left to the Iranian people and, therefore, putting a definite stop to any policy, any strategy that hinders the revolution. I salute you all and I will tell you the rest next time.